Vitria Headlines Utility & Telecommunications Industry Events in February 2012

Dr. Dale Skeen, CTO and co-founder at Vitria, presented a Solution Showcase on smart grid assurance at Energy Central’s Utility Analytics Summit in Orlando, Florida on February 15, 2012. Dale demonstrated how Operational Intelligence (OI) delivers the ability to sift through massive amounts of data, in real-time, and gain insight with the aid of live, contextual dashboards to take targeted impactful actions. Attended by VPs, Directors, and Managers of customer care, the UAI Summit provided insights from utility experts on key issues, including making better informed decisions, generating tangible business value from existing assets, creating operational efficiencies across the grid, and enhancing customer service and support.

Brian Bohan, Vice President of Worldwide Professional Services at Vitria, presented the topic of Operational Intelligence for customer experience management at Telecom IQ’s CEM in Telecoms event in Miami, Florida on February 16, 2012. Brian discussed how OI can be used to derive meaningful and actionable insight from various event sources to identify risks and opportunities previously unattainable to network operations center analysts and marketing teams. The conference provided insights from CEM experts on key issues, including maximizing the profitability of CEM programs, empowering employees at all levels to deliver a superior customer experience, and transforming contact resolution rates to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

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