Vitria Demos Breakthrough Operational Intelligence Platform at 2012 Gartner BPM Summit

The Vitria Team recently returned from the Gartner Business Process Management (BPM) Summit held in Baltimore, Maryland from April 25-27, 2012. The Gartner BPM Summit is the largest, most comprehensive BPM conference in the world, bringing together senior business and IT professionals, in order to drive long-term business success. The Summit provided Vitria with the ideal forum to demo its breakthrough Operational Intelligence Platform that includes an unmatched Intelligent Business Process Management Suite or iBPMS.

The Summit offered four distinct tracks – (1.) Setting-Out the Right Track for BPM Success, (2.) Improving Business Outcomes as Your BPM Effort Expands, (3.) Next Generation BPM and (4.) BPM Workshop Series – with a variety of session formats targeted to individual BPM experience levels. With a pragmatic focus on the tactical side of BPM, the Summit covered various topics, such as:

  1. Organization and culture
  2. Process competencies
  3. Methodologies
  4. Technology and architecture
  5. Metrics and measures

Stay tuned for a detailed blog series on the entire event from our Vice President of Worldwide Sales Consulting, Brian Bohan.

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